Watersheds of  - Improving Southeastern Indiana's Water, One Watershed at a Time.
Be Involved in Your Watershed
Are you interested in becoming involved with the Indian-Kentuck Watershed Project?  If yes, what are your interests?
Steering Committee Member:
Discuss and formulate decisions for the watershed project.  Members who serve as a steering committee members will meet at least quarterly or more frequently when necessary.
Subcommittee Member:
Work with the committee of your choice.  Meetings are held as needed, depending on the phase of the project.
Project Volunteer:
Participate in activities such as stream assessments, creek clean-ups, and other outreach projects.
Benefits of Involvement
  • Be a voice for citizens or your community
  • Support and represent a particular interest in water quality
  • Learn more about water resource conservation and restoration
  • Experience how your unique knowledge and skills can make a difference
  • Work with great people and have fun!
If you are interested in becoming involved with the Indian-Kentuck Watershed fill out the form below and hit send.
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I'm interested in:
Becoming a Steering Committee Member
Becoming a Subcommittee Member
Becoming a Project Volunteer
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