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Project Update​

Covid-19 might have stalled people’s plans for 2020, but it hasn’t stopped landowners from improving water quality within the Indian – Kentuck Creek. Through the undertaking of several local individuals, organizations, and the Indiana Dept. of Environmental Management, the Indian-Kentuck Watershed project works with landowners to provide cost-share funding to implement best management practices that improve water quality in the stream.

Project update:

The Indian-Kentuck Steering Committee met through email again due to the pandemic. The meeting’s agenda items were open for discussion from July 9th through the 30th.

Topics for discussion included:

•Applications for approval (8 applications received).

•IKW Steering Committee application approval process.

•Maximum project cost-share available to landowners.

List of approved best management practices from the 8 applicants:

How the Cost-Share Program Works:

The Indian-Kentuck Watershed (IKW) is a voluntary cost-share program is intended to provide landowners with financial and technical assistance to install conservation practices, also known as Best Management Practices (BMP) within the watershed.

The cost-share program will pay up to 60% of the total cost with a $25,000 cap per participant. Reimbursement will follow the installation and approval of the project(s) that landowners install. BMPs have to meet Natural Resources Conservation Service design specifications and installation recommendations and must have a conservation plan developed for their operation. Eligible practices include cover crops, fencing, alternative watering systems, pasture seeding, and more.

How to Apply:​

Eligibility: Anyone who tends crop or livestock in the priority area of the Indian-Kentuck Watershed and is interested in encompassing conservation practices into his or her operation. The priority area for the watershed in shown in red and yellow in the map below. Currently, there are no funds available in the green area of the watershed.

Application: All interested parties must submit an application. Applications are available at your local Soil and Water Conservation District in Madison, Vevay, or Versailles or online HERE. Applications can be hand-delivered, mailed, faxed or email to the following location:

Ripley County SWCD

Attn: Steve Franklin

1981 S. Industrial Park Rd., Ste. 2

Versailles, IN 47042


Fax: 812-689-6849

Jefferson County SWCD

Attn: Vicki Wehner

3767 W. SR 256

Madison, IN 47250


Fax: 812-689-6849

Switzerland County SWCD

Attn: Cheryl Furnish

105 East Pike Street

Vevay, IN 47043


Fax: 812-689-6849

Deadline: The cost-share program ends on September 1, 2019. All practices must be installed and invoices received by that time.

Qualifying: All applications will be ranked based on proximity to a body of water and potential for reducing sediment, E. Coli and nutrient pollution.

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