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Indian-Kentuck Update!​

Things have been in full swing with the Indian-Kentuck Watershed! Already, lots of landowners are starting to implement best management practices or have finished theirs. Cover crops, HUAP, and forage and biomass planting have been the most common implemented BMPs.

The amount of $208,174.49 has been allocated from the total $225,000 IDEM has granted thus far. This leaves $16,825.51 left.

There is still a waiting list, so if you are interested please contact your local conservationist.

Indian-Kentuck Watershed & What it Means to You

Indian Kentuck Watershed

The Indian Kentuck Watershed is located in the heart of Southeastern Indiana. Being one of the first creeks in Indiana to obtain English settlers its path tells a story of our past and its beauty and...

In 2010, a group of individuals came forward to take action to prevent impairments of the Indian-Kentuck Watershed and in March 2012 the Jefferson County Soil & Water Conservation District was awarded a 205(j) grant from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) to study the watershed

Local landowners, Jefferson, Ripley, and Switzerland County Soil and Water Conservation Districts, with the help of Historic Hoosier Hills were key to the success of being awarded the grant to develop a Plan of Action and Scope of Work for the Indian-Kentuck Watershed Management Plan.

The Watershed Management Plan will provide essential tools and develop a set of indicators for the watershed.

The Indian-Kentuck Watershed has a diversity of different topography and land uses. Located in portions of Jefferson, Ripley and Switzerland Counties. The northern area has a significant amount of cropland while the entire sourthern half is used primarily for grassland and has a significant number of livestock.

Land use within the watershed is:

  • 15,269 acres of cultivated cropland,
  • 11,173 acres of pasture and hayland,
  • 64,268 acres of forest, and
  • 7,085 acres of other.

The Indian-Kentuck Watershed has a total of 97,822 acres with Jefferson County having the majority of the watershed located within it at 65,532, Ripley County has 20,077 acres and Switzerland with 12,213 acres.

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