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Indian Creek Watershed Steering Committee Meeting

Indian Creek Watershed Steering Committee Meeting

Minutes of October 29, 2014

Attendees: Chelsea Tooley, Terry Stephenson, Mike Pittman, Kyle Weaver, Cheryl Furnish

The meeting began at 6:00pm at the Switzerland County Technology and Education Center. After Chelsea Tooley called the meeting to order, attendees were asked to review the previous meeting minutes. If any of the members of the committee had suggestions or corrections they were asked to email the educator to be corrected. Under old business, Ms. Tooley gave a brief update on current events including the upcoming sampling, cleanup, newsletters, and windshield survey.

Under new business, Switzerland County SWCD staff updated the committee on the progress of the cost share program. Cheryl Furnish presented the total amount of balance left in the ICW cost share fund ($138,700.14) and informed the committee of the status of many applications. Of the 24 participants enrolled many of them are new. In addition she has 3 applicants that are getting ready to ranked and another 6 producers with practices finished and simply waiting on bills.

Ms. Tooley discussed completing the upcoming windshield survey with SWCD staff. The windshield survey should be finished in November. Ms. Tooley would also like a survey completed this spring as well. Finally, Ms. Tooley discussed the results from the Fall Monitoring. Informing the committee that more community members participated this year than ever before, the educator seems happy with the community involvement building. Ms. Tooley informed the committee of some sites that testing very low for dissolved oxygen (1.3 mg/L average), and a short discussion took place on what could be causing such low numbers in the area.

With no further business, discussion points, or concerns the meeting was adjourned. The next Steering Committee for the Whitewater River Watershed Project was set for December 8 with further details to be announced.

Chelsea E. Tooley, Educator

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